Educational Products: Cabinets, Brackets and supports for monitors, TVs, Projectors, LIM Whiteboards


RackBook: New series of metal security cabinets for notebooks and tablets

Security cabinets for holding, transporting and charging laptops (laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets). 
Made from standard 19" rack cabinets 600 mm wide, 550 mm depth with 19" retractable rack posts and solid steel door.

The RackBook series cabinets are built to ensure maximum security in the notebook case, 15/10 steel doors and sides are equipped with an anti-intrusion key lock. 
Scope composition: 
  • Frame in extruded natural anodized aluminum alloy 6060 
  • front door in 15/10 steel painted light grey RAL 7035 peeled with key lock
  • Removable roof in 15/10 steel painted light gray RAL 7035 peeled with provision for 3 fans, and related fans to be wired. 
  • Removable side panels in light grey RAL 7035 painted 15/10 steel
  • Removable rear panel in 15/10 steel painted light grey RAL 7035 peeled
  • Bottom in steel 15/10 painted light grey RAL 7035 peeled with cable passage flanges
  • n° 2 posts for the support of 19" components
  • n°4 pivoting wheels, 2 of which are equipped with brake.
The space available in height, between one shelf and the other is equal to 58 mm, this space is considered optimal to ensure the housing and cooling of medium-sized notebooks (with 17° LCD display). 
The distance between one shelf and another can be increased or reduced by varying the number of shelves inside the cabinet. Wide range of accessories such as fixed shelves 1 and 2 rack units and removable on telescopic rails, horizontal and vertical mounting multi-sockets, fans, thermostat.


Double door cabinet to hold up to 48 notebooks / tablets, Lightened sheet metal cabinet ideal for frequent movements, each shelf (1 for each computer) is easily removable (for a possible strategic use of space) and has a side exit hole for the power connector with housing clip. 

The rear compartment is designed for anchoring power supplies and housing the wiring harnesses correctly. Front and rear closure (below and above) with tubular security key. In the rear compartment there are power strips with switch controlled by watch for easy programming of charging times. Ready for 80x80 fans with thermostat in the rear compartment. Front and rear ventilation louvers. 

Top grab bars for easy pushing. Oversized rubber wheels. Excellent maneuverability. Lightened structure. 

Made entirely of sheet steel. Painting with scratch-resistant embossed epoxy powders. 
Available in single or double port version and different heights: 
  • RACK18PC H=990 L=720 D=570 mm complete with bays for 18 notebooks/tablets, fans and power and charging slats, 
  • RACK26PC H=1300 L=720 D=570 mm complete with bays for 26 notebooks/tablets, fans and power and charging strips,

Security and charging cabinets for laptops

Support/cabinet to secure, fixed to the wall, a notebook and all its accessories.
Very useful positioned next to interactive multimedia whiteboards as a support / compartment surface for the notebook that manages the LIM system or as a simple security container to close the notebooks when they are charging.
Thanks to its sturdy steel structure and security lock, it guarantees maximum security in particularly small dimensions.
The size of the top allows the use of notebooks up to 19 "leaving also a part of the top useful for using an external mouse or a graphics tablet; It also allows you to leave the various cables fixed (RGB, USB, etc) even when it is closed.
The lower compartment, which can only be opened from the inside, with the flap lowered, to 1/2 of comfortable knobs, is useful for positioning the power supply and other cables.
42x60 cm flap with double adjustable friction hinge and limit switch with loops for the passage of Velcro strips (included) useful for fixing the notebook to the top.
Closure with tubular security key
Made of oven-painted steel with high quality epoxy powders
Dimensions: 60Hx66Lx13P cm
Thickness of steel sheets used: 1.2 mm (excluding painting; 1.5 mm total)
Weight: 18 Kg 

Monitors, TVs, video projectors, video phones, amplification and audio diffusion systems, PCs, laptops, tablets; In a conference room, a classroom or any environment used for the reception and entertainment of several people, the computer and electronic devices present are increasingly numerous, delicate and of high value, which is why it is necessary to install, order and protect them with the gisti supports and aids.

The line of educational products is designed to meet all the needs of management of electronic and computer equipment in conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, gyms, conferences, etc.

motorized whiteboard mount

  • Designed for Motorized Interactive Whiteboards of any brand, which have dimensions from 830 to 1460 mm in height, with fixing system suitable for thicknesses from 1 to 100 mm.

  • The set also integrates a universal support for short and very short focal length projectors that can be rotated up to 90°, in case the system needs to be moved from one environment to another. It also has a system that allows, in case of need, to easily lower the video projector arm until it touches the top of the blackboard.

  • You can change the height from the ground of the blackboard/screen at will: min 487 mm. / max 987 mm. All this is done by means of an electric motor driven by the user with an up/down switch on the support structure.

  • The solid base hides 4 wheels of great capacity for easy movement.

    motorized whiteboard mount

  • On the side of the stand there is a box with 3 universal sockets for powering the components mounted on the trolley; this allows the system to be powered with a single cable (included). The passage of cables takes place all inside the structure.

  • Painted with epoxy powders.

Full version of:
- a useful computer shelf that can be mounted on the right or left of the blackboard and can be adapted to all possible widths
- a metal container, with integrated chest of drawers with key lock, with micro-perforated fronts for possible positioning of audio speakers

- not visible in the picture, it is an extension for the engine control.


projector ceiling mount

Universal telescopic floor mount with wheels, for flat panel panels up to 50"

Floor stand for monitors and LCD TVs

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