Retailers, installers, manufacturers of automatic machines, electronic design studios

Production and sale of cabinets and rack accessories

MDW srl produces and distributes directly and through its business partners, mechanics for electronics, subr-acks, sub-units, front and containers for euro cards cards, rack cabinets 19", open frame laboratory frames with metric system and 19", accessories and spare parts for Rack 19", electrical and control panels, industrial networking products, electronics and telecommunications.


Distributors, retailers, installers and integrators who wish to use and resell our products can access a personalized price list. To access it, you must register on the site and request the activation of the reserved price list.

By registering on the site and sending a chamber of commerce certificate no older than one year you will be activated, directly online a price list with reserved discounts, in addition to this price list, for orders of large quantities you can request specific offers using the contact email that you find at the bottom of each page.

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M.D.W. srl Chamber of Commerce, Bologna
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