Rack 19''

19 rack cabinets" for servers, LANs, data centers, rack cabinets with a high degree of IP protection (for industrial or outdoor use).

Laboratory frames and open frame rack-pitched structures for datacenters or to be integrated into structures and machinery, transportable desk containers with wheels and handles, small wall rack panels or for positioning under tables.

In this section you will find everything you need to contain a 19" rack apparatus and many useful accessories such as rack multi-sockets for Italian, Schuko, VDE, American sockets; remote control PDU, with fruits of different colors, with customized wiring and diversified according to specific functions, light, magnetothermic, differential and special switches; filters for medical, railway, aerospace, military or other dedicated sector.

Patch panels, fixed and removable shelves on telescopic rails, rack cabinets, drawer containers for electronics, ventilation systems, rack space closing plates, brackets and cable management systems.

Every day we produce new products for new needs, what you do not find online, simply has not yet been requested but we can produce it for you.

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19" rack box with various units
107107      SCR00
starting from € 51,47
Standard 42TE (282mm) wide rack enclosure, various rack units and depths
103470      RACK-CESI 0042
starting from € 162,22
Standard rack enclosure 60TE wide (373mm) various rack units and depths
103473      RACK-CESI 0060
starting from € 163,61
Standard rack enclosure 84TE/19 inch (496mm) wide various rack units and depths
103476      RACK-CESI 0084
starting from € 166,53
19" open frame, various rack units and depths
70053      ARMA-TVA XXXX
starting from € 205,83
Desktop container, various dimensions in rack units, width and depth
107029      005ua0000
starting from € 263,89
Unique line wall cabinet (h)420 x (l)600 various versions
103732      DN-19 07-U-00
starting from € 444,44
19 inch laboratory frame, plinth with wheels, various heights
106641      ARMA-TLM 19-00
starting from € 658,33
Rack cabinet without door, width 551 mm, different rack units and depths
103433      ARMA/UR001010
starting from € 806,11
IP55 certified industrial rack cabinet, 596 mm wide, different units and depths
69042      ARMA/UR001100
starting from € 919,44
IP55 certified industrial rack cabinet, 818 mm wide, different rack units and depths
103445      ARMA/UR001600
starting from € 1.274,03


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