Glossary of electrical and control panels, pulpits, lecterns, consoles


primary and secondary electrical distribution panel An electrical panel is part of an electrical system, there are three types, primary electrical distribution panel, secondary electrical distribution panel, and electrical command or control panel.
The electrical panel can have different sizes and shapes, is installed on the wall or floor, can be equipped with a glass door or sheet metal that can be opened, inside it can be mounted the most varied devices such as voltmeter switches, ammeters, transformers, monitors, indicator lights, etc.


The primary electrical distribution panel
The primary electrical distribution panel is placed downstream of the energy source, usually downstream of a meter, with the function of distributing electricity to one or more connected users or systems and, in the event of a fault or in case of maintenance, to disconnect these systems separately or completely. The switchboards can be industrial or civil, but have the same functions, with characteristics obviously appropriate to the type of need.

The secondary electrical distribution panel
The secondary distribution electrical panels are panels with high performance in terms of I.P. protection degree, and in terms of safety and reliability, as they are placed downstream of transformers or current generators, also called power centers.

The electrical control panel
The electrical command or control panel has different shapes, sizes and degree of protection, to cover any type of control or command (or maneuver) need of plants, operating machines, production lines, robots, and more. They can be vertical also called base, lectern, riser, or even cabinet.

Technical specifications


Polished sheet steel: DC 01 UNI EN 10130


- Thickness: 0,8 / 1,2 mm

Pickled sheet - Pickle sheet steel: FE DD11 UNI EN 5867/78


- Thickness: 1,5 / 2,5 mm

Galvanized sheet type "sendzimir"

"Sendzimir" zinc plated sheet steel: FEP02GZ275NA UNI EN 10142


- Thickness: 1,5 / 2,5 mm

Zinc coating mass - Zinc plating: GZ200 .................... 200g/sqm.

Surface appearance of the coating: NA first choice, normal stellation

Surface treatment aspect: NA first choice, micro-perforated.


Pre-treatment: all surfaces are subjected to the degreasing and phosphating process in a continuous hot washing tunnel, with trivalent phosphodegreaser.

Surface Treating: all the surfaces follow a degreasing and phosphating processing.

Material composition: thermosetting powder based on cross-linked carboxylated polyester resin with epoxy resin.

Composition: polymerized epoxi-polyester thermohardener powder.

Thickness - Thikness 50/90 microns

Surface appearance - Surface Peeled - Structure painted

Polymerization - Thermal polymerization 180°C for 20'

Surface hardness - Hardness H-2H . . ASTM to 3363

Direct impact - Impact 80 kg x cm2 . . ASTM at 2794

Lattice adhesion - Latex adhesion GTO . . . . . . . . . . . . . UNI ISO 2409

Fire behaviour Self-extinguishing


Neutral salt spray - Cloud chamber 500h without variations

Humidistat - Spray chamber 500h without variations . . . . . UNI ISO 6270

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