SUBRACKS AND MODULE SUBUNITS: aluminum enclosures for electronics


subracks 19 inches from 3 to 12 rack units for 160 to 700 mm deep eurocards cards

SUB-UNIT: Inside the SUBRACKS mechanical and electronic components can be mounted directly on PCBs fixed to the subrack, or by means of printed circuits in eurocard or double eurocard form inserted on guides that allow housing and removal vertically, or by mechanical containers that exploit these guides to create a sort of removable drawer system (the SUB-UINT).  Our technical department has several decades of experience  in the development of accessories and solutions for sub-racks and sub-units. We are therefore able to provide pre and post sales advice on a wide range of solutions for edge-socket connector connectivity even for those particularly hostile environments where there are considerable stresses and vibrations (railway, naval, aerospace).


subunits for European format electrical boards on rail or electronic on plate


The drawer subunits have been designed for the use of components to be mechanically protected, shielded and supported heavy weights.
• Can be placed in all "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum" series subracks.
• The printed circuit boards can be inserted both to the right and to the left of the subunit, if desired, using the appropriate guides, also in the center

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