These boxes are produced in Fe 40 (15/10) steel, are worked on Salvagnini lines and continuously welded on the edges in a robotized island. A particular threaded insert mounted on the bottom of the case allows you to fix the sendzimir sheet metal plate inside and any wall fixing tab on the outside. The 20/10 sendzimir sheet metal plate is straight up to a height of 600 mm, from this point onwards it is reinforced by four perimeter folds. Doors with a height greater than 600 mm. they have two perforated profiles with a 25 mm pitch which, in addition to strengthening the structure, allow easy anchoring for any type of application. Sturdy hinges, not visible from the outside, allow an opening of 100° (95 the second internal door - on double door models).

  • Enclosures for electrical panels with IP65 protection rating

  • Painting with textured epoxy-polyester powder color RAL 7035

  • Two-component polyurethane gasket applied in continuous casting by robot

internal dimensions of steel boxes

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Table legend:

ART./B = cabinets with external glass door and internal blind door
The useful depth of the boxes with blind door is 15 mm less than the external overall dimension D(P)
The distance between the external and internal doors is 55 mm
*n°2 cable slots

**n°2 locks

H=1000 tempered glass

The cable entry slots are positioned only under the boxes, the measurements of the slots are:

art. 201-2-3-4-5-6-7 with single cable slot of 90 x 200 mm and plate (art. 21P of 120 x 230 mm)

art. 220-21-22-23-24-51-52-53-54 with 2 cable slots of 90 x 200 mm and 2 plates (art. 21P of 120 x 230 mm)

art. 208-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-50 with single cable slot of 90 x 300 mm and plate (art. 21G of 120 x 330 mm)

art. 225-26-27-28-55-56 with 2 cable slots of 90 x 300 mm and 2 plates (art. 21G of 120 x 330 mm)