Subracks for specific aluminum modules for telecommunications, railway, aero-naval, automation, laboratory instruments

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SUB-RACK: Objects mounted inside a RACK are called EuroRack or SUBRACK. The subracks have standardized dimensions, the height is measured in rack units and the most common models are those 3, 6 and 9 units high, the external width is 19" (the side flanges allow them to be fixed inside a rack), for all internal measurements see section

Our offer of subracks is divided into "Silver Series", "Gold Series" and "Platinum Series", each family includes a wide range of accessories and customizations able to cover all needs and types of applications:

  • Full shielded subracks certified for railway applications

  • Subrack for Europe Standard Format Boards (IEC-60297-3-101, IEC-60297-3-102

    , IEC-60297-3-103)

  • Custom subracks from 3 to 18 units of different depths

In the Silver Series, the 19" profiles (front and rear crosspieces) are fixed to the walls using a screw with M5 thread. In the Gold Series we find two screws with M4 threads that guarantee greater rigidity. Even greater solidity is offered by the 2000 series, which lends itself both to mounting on 19" racks and as a table container, with a structure complemented by upper and lower covers in plasticized galvanized steel sheet with EMC shielding properties.

Subracks are made according to DIN 41494 and manufactured for the use of connectors in accordance with DIN 41612, DIN 41617, MIL-C-21097 and later. The surface protection of the aluminum elements is standard chrome-plated shielding "CEPIDINE 3000", which has the same paperwork as the ALODINE 1000, but is more manipulable without leaving traces and unsightly imprints. On request, the natural or colored anodizing treatment is carried out.

The side walls can be made of extruded which has already integrated the flanges for 19" mounting into the structure. However, in applications where greater subrack depth is required, aluminium plate side walls can be used. In the latter case the basket is finished with a rear closing bracket and a front flange for fixing.

Subracks (or module rack drawers) have standardized dimensions, height is measured in rack unit, outer width of subracks is 19" including cabinet mounting flanges, or less when used in contexts other than the system 19" or as torted chassies (desk).

Internally, the width of the subracks is specified by the TE unit (Teilungseinheiten = splitting unit) or HP (Horizontal Pitch), where 1 HP equals 0.20 inches (5.08 mm).

The most popular subracks today are 3U,  6U or multiples of them.

  • Subracks 3U or 5.25 inches (133.35 mm) tall accept "single europe" or "eurocard" cards, 100 mm high (CEI-IEC 297-3).
  • The 6U or 10.5-inch (266.7 mm) tall subracks accept "double europe" or  "double eurocard" cards, 233.35 mm high (but also two overlapping eurocard cards - 3U+3U models).

Subracks can contain printed circuit boards and subunit enclosures that can be 100 mm high (3U subrack) or 233.4 mm (6U subrack) with the different depths indicated in the table:

The subracks are made according to DIN 41494 and are designed for the use of connectors according to DIN 41612, DIN 41617, MIL-C-21097.

Material: aluminum thickness 2 mm.
The surface protection of the aluminum elements is standard chromed shielding, on request the natural or colored anodizing treatment is realized.

Below are links to the synoptic tables of the 4 families of standardized subracks of the Silver series. These module enclosures in standard 19" rack sizes 3U, 6U and 9U can be purchased directly online and already include a minimum number of board guides that can be integrated according to different needs. You can request custom products for specific uses by writing to the email address below in the contacts.

Subracks Accessories

subracks 19 inches from 3 to 12 rack units for eurocards deep from 160 to 700 mm

SUB-UNIT: Inside the SUBRACKS mechanical and electronic components can be mounted directly on PCBs fixed to the subrack, or by means of printed circuits in eurocard or double eurocard form inserted on guides that allow housing and removal vertically, or by mechanical containers that exploit these guides to create a sort of removable drawer system (the SUB-UINT).  Our technical department has several decades of experience  in the development of accessories and solutions for sub-racks and sub-units. We are therefore able to provide pre and post sales advice on a wide range of solutions for edge-socket connector connectivity even for those particularly hostile environments where there are considerable stresses and vibrations (railway, naval, aerospace).


subunits per schede elettriche formato europa su guida o elettronica su piastra The drawer subunits have been designed for the use of components to be mechanically protected, shielded and supported heavy weights.
• Can be inserted in all "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum" series subracks.
• The printed circuit boards can be inserted both to the right and to the left of the subunit, if desired, using the appropriate guides, also in the center

Front panels

pannelli forntali per subrackpannelli chiusura rack Blind front panels for subracks, complete with 3.3 x 5.9 mm slots to house plastic or metal sleeves for screws, or inserts for quick locks. Material: aluminum, plexiglass, steel. Thickness: 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm Processing: graphic and mechanical processes of all kinds are possible, aluminum panels can be treated in different ways for different needs, they can be anodized or conductive (EMC), equipped with fingher, painted. The fronts are then completed with handles, extractors / inserters, penthouses for cards.

Panel dimensions: the dimensions of the closing front panels are defined in height by the number of rack units (U RU), and in width by the number of TE (HP)

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