Modular aluminium electronic enclosures

Very light and robust, customizable electronics containers , made entirely of bent aluminum with a particular design Aluminum electronics enclosures rational and elegant with clean lines, rounded corners and few closing screws, with countersunk heads and embedded in the aluminum sheet.

The box is made up of two "C" shells in 1.5mm thick aluminum which are particularly light but stable and precise, the shells are joined by two front and rear panels also in 3mm thick aluminum

Shells and panels are blind but cutouts, holes, slots and any type of processing can be made on request.

All surfaces are in natural brushed anodized aluminum to eliminate the annoying and unsightly fingerprint effect typical of shiny sheet metal.

The electronics can be assembled directly on the base of the container or on a special plate supplied separately.
Available accessories: handles, lifting feet, rubber feet.

Front and rear covers can be customized on request with the possibility of holes and cut-outs for connectors, displays, ventilation, cable passage, vents, provisions for electronics, etc.

Discounts for resellers, integrators, instrumentation manufacturers

For details click on the codes in the table



external depth (mm) remove 6 mm for internal space


external/internal (mm)

external/internal (mm)

213 273 357 441
1 44/39 171/168 213ta128 273ta128 357ta128 441ta128
242/239 213ta142 273ta142 357ta142 441ta142
333/330 213ta160 273ta160 357ta160 441ta160
434/431 213ta184 273ta184 357ta184 441ta184
2 87/82 171/168 213ta228 273ta228 357ta228 441ta228
242/239 213ta242 273ta242 357ta242 441ta242
333/330 213ta260 273ta260 357ta260 441ta260
434/431 213ta284 273ta284 357ta284 441ta284
3 130/125 171/168 213ta328 273ta328 357ta328 441ta328
242/239 213ta342 273ta342 357ta342 441ta342
333/330 213ta360 273ta360 357ta360 441ta360
434/431 213ta384 273ta384 357ta384 441ta384

The codes in the table are read as follows: e.g.: 213ta128
213 = external depth in mm
ta = indicates box without handles
1 = thick height in rack units 44 mm
28 = width expressed in TE (or HP Horizontal Pitch - horizontal pitch, where 1 HP equals 0.20 inches 5.08 mm).

For sizes other than those indicated in the table it is still possible to request a quote by contacting the sales office using the email indicated in the contact details at the bottom of the page.

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